Neal Knapp, PhD

Making Machines of Animals with Johns Hopkins University Press, which explores the modernization of animal agriculture.

Farmer and Researcher

I grew up on a farm and have develop strategies for regenerative crop production. My experiences with crop and animal husbandry informed my work and education. After returning to Indiana from Boston in 2013, I integrated my educational experiences with the farm economy. Broadly, my research and consultant work combines the realities of commercial agriculture and the imperative of sustainability. These experiences have resulted in research-related opportunities in Spain, Switzerland, Dubai, Britain, and Puerto Rico.


Boston University, PhD and MA

DePauw University, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa

American Studies, Agricultural History and Environmental Studies, International Relations


With the farm and consulting work I do with grain farms, I engage in timely conversations on precision farming, the variable rate application of inputs, and sustainability, and in so doing, have disproven the prevailing myth that we have to choose between what is good for the farm/community and what is commercially successful.

We have also created pollinator sanctuaries on marginal ground to help support monarch butterflies. Even more, we are rebuilding the bee population around our farm.

Community Outreach

We believe that we have an obligation to protect and revitalize our physical world but also do what we can to invest in the next generation. As such, we have taken on several community-oriented challenges to raise scholarship and service project funds for local students. I serve as a board member and president of several local and state organizations with responsibilities ranging from student scholarship and endowment management to farmer advocacy.

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