Adrea Hernandez, PhD

Executive Director Institutional Research University of Notre Dame


I am originally from El Paso, Texas. Growing up on the border in a Mexican-American family, it was normal to celebrate the multiculturalism all around us. At the same time, the environment of being in a minority-majority community highlighted important social and political issues, and inspired my study of the interwoven complexities of the education, criminal justice, and immigration systems in the lives of Latinx people. Living in northeastern cities for college and graduate school and then moving to rural Indiana has furthered my awareness of how different communities feel the effects of local and national policies. As a result, my research is dedicated to serving marginalized communities and eradicating inequalities in both urban and rural spaces.


Boston University, PhD and MA

Yale University, BA

American Studies, Critical Race Studies, Latinx Studies


Over the past seven years, I have worked with colleges and universities across the country that are committed to using evidence to improve student success and inclusive excellence. Through my previous role as the Director of Research for the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium, I collaborated with institutional representatives on studies to collect information from students and employees on matters ranging from long-term learning outcomes to campus climate for diversity and equity, as well as sexual assault. In turn, these data on student and employee perspectives and experiences informed institutions’ assessment efforts and implementation of evidence-based best practices. I have continued this work through a focused role at the University of Notre Dame in its Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research.

Our projects at BWL complement my work in higher education by thinking about what ethical practices, inclusivity, and sustainability look like in other realms of our lives—specifically, our natural environment, agriculture, and animal husbandry. I have learned so much since coming to Indiana, and I look forward to our new ventures with bee colonies and a monarch butterfly sanctuary.

Community Outreach

We recognize the power of education to transform lives and make for a more equitable world. We serve in multiple organizations that raise funds for and award college scholarships. I have also served on committees for a national organization of higher education professionals committed to improving colleges and universities. Furthermore, I believe in supporting the democratic process—I have moderated local Meet the Candidates events and participated in get-out-the-vote campaigns at the state (Indiana and Texas) and national levels.

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