Advocacy, Research, and Revitalization

BWL News

Our new guardian has grown a lot in his first few months!

Adrea Hernandez, PhD

Research analyst devoted to diversity and inclusion. Lead Survey Researcher and Consultant at the University of Notre Dame.

Neal A. Knapp, PhD

Farmer and researcher working at the nexus of commercial and regenerative agriculture.

The Farm

At BWL, we have sheep, dogs, bees, and butterflies. Also, we work with our family on a corn and soybean farm.


We serve the farm-to-fork needs of the Indianapolis area.

In addition to our commercial sheep, we raise nationally competitive Tunis and Columbias.

Bees and Butterflies

We are expanding our efforts at BWL to encourage a more sustainable agriculture beyond sheep production. We will be sure to post updates about our honey bees and monarch sanctuaries.


In the last 8 years, we have helped raise nearly $150,000 for scholarships, service-oriented awards, and rural revitalization efforts.

Get In Touch

For sheep and lamb inquiries, call (765) 376-0891


(915) 920-7302


(765) 376-0891